Looking for Star Wars Books?

Please visit www.SenselessBabbleBooks.com for my list of Star Wars books for sale.

For years I purchased any book, comic or magazine with the iconic STAR WARS logo on it. Now, I have too much "stuff" so I am parting with some of it! Everything on that page is for sale. Every penny earned goes in my son's college fund! --- The site is best viewed in DESKTOP mode, so you can search by category and use the key word search..

A Few Words About Pricing...

The prices I've listed there are merely a guideline. I am a motivated seller. That tuition bill is coming!

I am willing to meet and beat any Amazon or eBay prices for the same books. So please, make me an offer! (But please don't be offend if I offer you a counter offer!)

PS - Buyer still pays for shipping though! 😜