What Is All This Senseless Babble About?

The goals of Senseless Babble are many...


My son is enrolled in the University of Far Way, majoring in Expensive Tuition & Large Fees.  Life is expensive!  

Now, before some of you start saying "College is a scam, you don't need it!" let me say I get where you're coming from!  For far too many kids, all they get from college are the 3Ds;  a diploma, debt and a drinking habit.  I know, because this was me!  I have a degree in History that I've never used, had student loan debt it took me 20 years to pay off, and well, thankfully, I've kicked the last habit (for the most part 😉).

But, my son has dreams that include a path that requires a college education.  He wants to pursue a career, no, a life, in which getting the college degree is the only way to get to where he is going.  AND, on top of that, he's bright enough to get into one of the top schools for his field of study.

So, I have a kid with a dream, who is working really hard to reach his goal, and who is on the right path.  Who am I to tell him "No, you shouldn't do that."?

So, what has this got to do with Senseless Babble?  Well, thanks to my own student loan debt, I wasn't able to save nearly enough for his college education.  And I don't want him saddled with decades of repayment the way I was.  

Currently, I am working two jobs.  I'm an office drone for 40 hours a week, and a retail wage slave for an additional 30 hours a week.  But, 70 hours a week still isn't enough.  So, I thought I'd turn to the internet!

I watch too much YouTube and TikTok.  And all the time I see people who make their living on these platforms.  So I thought, heck, why not give that a try!

Now I know that these creators put hours and hours into their craft, and often times have teams of people that work with, and I'm just one guy with a few spare hours a week, how am I going to compete?  Well, I don't see it as competition.  I'll just put out my little bits and bobs, and see if it catches anyone's attention. 

Which brings us to the next goal of Senseless Babble...


I am not someone who would call themselves an artist by any measure of the word.  But, I do like to do and make things simply for the enjoyment of making them. 

In the past I've dabbled in painting, I took up photography for a while, attempt to teach myself the guitar, I've tried poetry, and podcasting, and even postcard making.  There's more I want to do and try, and I think "online video content" is next on the list.  

I will say this about myself, I get bored easily.  I try new things, then once I feel like I've learned enough, done enough, I move on.  So, who's to say how long this will last?  We'll see, and I hope you'll see with me.

Which brings us to the next goal of Senseless Babble...


When you're working a 70 hour week, you don't have much time for socializing.  Combine this with the "world events" of the last two years, well, I'm going be blunt here... I'm a little lonely!

So, I hope that with Senseless Babble I can find new people to talk with and to hang out with even if it's just online.  Simple as that, let be pals! 😄

So, there ya go.  That's pretty much it.  Let me know if you have any questions.  In the meantime, please do all the inter-netty things; check out my links, follow me on the socials, buy some merch, maybe drop a few coins in the donation cup.  Every penny is appreciated!  Thanks!



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